Helping You, Help Others!

With nearly 20,000 nonprofit organizations throughout Michigan and almost 7,000 in the metro Detroit area alone, navigating the nonprofit sector can be challenging for those seeking to make a meaningful impact. Detroit Philanthropy alleviates those challenges by offering personalized, philanthropic advisory services to metro Detroit philanthropists - individuals, foundations and corporations.

Scroll down to learn more about how we can help you achieve your philanthropic goals.  If you're a wealth advisor or estate planner assisting clients with their philanthropy, click here to learn how we can assist you.

All services will be tailored to meet your unique needs and may include small consultations, development of various work products, nonprofit assessments, or full oversight/management of your philanthropic efforts.  Hourly fees, per project rates, and monthly retainer agreements are available.


For the Individual Philanthropist

If you're an individual looking to be more strategic and intentional about your philanthropy, we can develop a plan to best meet your charitable goals whether it's a one-time gift or a long-term plan.

+  Develop a personal, philanthropic intent statement to drive thoughtful engagement in a social cause or specific nonprofit organization you care about

+  Collaborate with the nonprofit recipient(s) to identify current areas of impact and/or potential new programming that will fulfill your intent while also serving as a benefit for the organization and its clients. If you do not have a specific nonprofit in mind for the project, Detroit Philanthropy will conduct research and interview possible impact partners.

+  Serve as the primary point of contact for the nonprofit in order to keep donations anonymous or simply relieve your of the necessary actions and various communications

+  Review nonprofit financial statements and other key determinants of viability and effectiveness, and conduct site visits to assess for Social Return on Investment (SROI)

+  Draft and execute pledge schedules and gift agreements as needed

+  Ensure recipients provide you with regular progress reports and impact statements

+  Facilitate as much or as little gift recognition as you would prefer

+  Provide guidance on using philanthropy to grow your personal brand

For the Private Foundation

Whether you are looking to start a private family foundation or already have a foundation/trust in place, services can be tailored to best meet your philanthropic goals and desired level of engagement. Click here for a downloaded overview.

All of the services provided to an individual philanthropists plus:

+  Collaborate with key parties to develop a mission statement, philanthropic intent and/or guiding principles

+  Develop a tailored grant-making program including proposal requirements and guidelines for submission

+  Review all requests for funding to ensure mission alignment, organizational effectiveness, project impact and social return on investment (SROI)

+  Coordinate with the foundation's investment institution to monitor foundation assets and ensure they are in accordance with long-term philanthropic goals

+  Coordinate board meetings, assemble necessary documents and take meeting minutes

+  Provide guidance on developing engagement for multi-generation family foundations

+  Assist with website development, social media accounts, and public relations activities intended to generate awareness and grow the foundation's brand

+  If the foundation also seeks to raise outside funding, fundraising events can be developed and executed. This would include venue logistics, event promotion, ticket sales and sponsorship development and fulfillment.


For the Corporation

Did you know that 95% of the worlds’ largest 250 corporations track and report the social impact they create?  Why?  Because in today’s socially-conscious world, corporate citizenship plays an increasingly import role in brand valuation, corporate reputation, consumer appeal, brand selection, and talent retention and recruitment.  How can Detroit Philanthropy help increase your social impact? By building on your corporate objectives and our expertise, we develop a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan unique to your company.

+  Create a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan involving financial contributions, employee volunteerism and strategic nonprofit partnerships

+  Help assemble an internal CSR team and provide orientation and ongoing support as necessary

+  Collaborate with the internal CSR team or corporate leadership to identify causes important to employees and pathways to supporting those causes through time, talent and treasure

+  Identify possible nonprofit partners and secure agreements related to CSR initiatives

+  Assist with promotion of the CSR plan to employees through internal communications

+  Develop external marketing plans/campaigns to promote employee engagement activities to broader community in support of corporate reputation and branding

+  Monitor employee engagement to create a tailored, year-end report which can be publicized internally and/or externally

Detroit Philanthropy Can Help

Whether you’re an individual philanthropist, private/family foundation,  or a small to mid-sized, socially-minded company – let us help you, help others!  Contact us today to discuss your philanthropic goals, and learn how Detroit Philanthropy can help you impact our community.