Detroit Philanthropy LLC is a licensed professional fundraiser in the State of Michigan offering strategic campaign counsel, planning and execution.  With nearly 20 years of experience, we can provide the experience and expertise you need to ensure a successful capital campaign.

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  • Detroit Philanthropy will become immersed in the framework of your organization. It is only by knowing all aspects of the organization, that we can be most effective.
  • We will conduct a thorough review of your individual, foundation, and corporate donors to measure their capacity and propensity to contribute.
  • We will conduct a campaign readiness study to engage your key stakeholders (board members, donors, partners, etc) and validate assumptions about thier readiness and commitment to undertake a significant fundraising campaign.


  • Detroit Philanthropy will draft a case for support, providing a compelling rationale for financial support, campaign objectives, ways to support, and expected outcomes.
  • We will develop a comprehensive campaign plan that sets campaign priorities and provides the framework and timeline for the life of the campaign.
  • We will help select, organize, and train the campaign leadership team. Having a strong leadership team is one of the most vital aspects of a campaign.


  • Detroit Philanthropy will work with campaign leadership to implement a phased approach for cultivating and soliciting donors. Utilizing the research gathered in the planning phase, targeted donor solicitation strategies will be developed to engage key donors/prospects.
  • The first phase will focus on leadership gifts, followed by pace-setter and major gifts, and finally broader community gifts. Within each of these gift categories, customized strategies will be developed to engage individual donors, corporations and foundations.

Wrap Up

  • Once all commitments have been received and the campaign goal is met, Detroit Philanthropy will assist with campaign wrap-up, which will involve: finalizing all financial commitments, closing out campaign activities, implementing the donor recognition plan, developing a long-term stewardship plan and assisting with the final campaign celebration event(s) and announcement.

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