Rachel M. Decker, Founder & President

Having spent nearly 20 years in the nonprofit sector as an effective and strategic fundraising executive, Detroit Philanthropy Founder and President Rachel Decker, knows that the need for philanthropy is greater than ever. She also realizes how deeply personal it is to give of your valuable time and treasure.

Rachel’s passionate about helping others, and more importantly, passionate about making connections, solving problems and creating impact in our community. With the founding of Detroit Philanthropy, she turned that passion into a commitment to champion philanthropy throughout metro Detroit in three different capacities.

# 1: Philanthropic Advisor

With a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration and a background in nonprofit management, Rachel is uniquely positioned to help metro Detroit philanthropists fulfill their true charitable intentions.  She knows how to assess a charity’s validity and measure impact, and understands the intricacies of charitable giving from both the nonprofit's perspective as well as that of the philanthropist or corporate partner.  Additionally, her experience and established relationships within the nonprofit sector, make her positioned to create thoughtful partnerships between philanthropists and the nonprofit organization or social cause they are seeking to support. By combining her expertise with a strong understanding your philanthropic goals, Rachel can help ensure that your resources are put to their very best use.

#2: Fundraising Consultant

Having raised millions of dollars for a variety of organizations, Rachel is an expert at developing and implementing effective fundraising campaigns ensured to meet both your short and long term goals.  Additionally, she is experienced at integrating marketing and public relations techniques into your fundraising efforts, has expertise in board member engagement and accountability, and has a broad understanding of nonprofit management.

Prior to founding Detroit Philanthropy, Rachel spent nearly two decades in the nonprofit sector serving in various leadership capacities responsible for fundraising and marketing.  Most recently, she was the Executive Director of the HAVEN Foundation where she oversaw all fundraising initiatives in support of ongoing operations, and successfully completed the agency’s largest capital campaign, which funded HAVEN’s new headquarters. She has also worked with several other nonprofit organizations throughout metro Detroit including: Vista Maria, the Detroit Police Athletic League, Common Ground and the Oakland County Coordinating Council Against Domestic Violence.

#3 - Speaker

As an expert in philanthropy and fundraising, Rachel has shared her insights with countless groups throughout the region.  She's spoken on panels, provided educational seminars and professional trainings, and been featured on local television and radio.  Topics range from Engaging Your Board to Starting a Nonprofit to Ensuring Your Donation Makes an Impact.  For more information, or to request her participation for your group, click here.

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