Detroit Philanthropy believes in the power of social impact.  By creating thoughtful linkages between metro Detroit philanthropists and high-impact, effective nonprofits we ensure the philanthropist's charitable vision is fully realized, resources are maximized, and meaningful impact is generated. 

Detroit is full of worthwhile and critical causes.  In fact, there are almost 7,000 nonprofits in the metro Detroit area alone; ranging from the environment to education, arts to advocacy, health care to homelessness, and everything in between.  So where do you start? And if you have started - if you know what you're passionate about and who you want to help - how do you ensure you're actually moving the needle on the cause you are supporting? How do you ensure you're making a meaningful impact. 

Detroit Philanthropy alleviates those challenges by first helping philanthropists (individuals, foundations and corporations) better understand their role, refine their vision, and develop a philanthropic strategy through the Social Impact Creation Cycle. 

By working with you to understand your charitable goals and the causes that are important to you, we can get you moving in the right direction.  By connecting you with proven nonprofits, or by formally assessing the nonprofit(s) you currently support or are considering investing in, we can ensure impact.

We know that you are a caring and compassionate person who simply wants to help.  But we also know that in order create meaningful change, it is imperative that outcomes and assessment do not take a backseat to emotion. By guiding you through the process from start to finish (or at any point along the journey), we ensure that your resources are put to their very best use while also making philanthropy the rewarding experience it should be. To put it simply - we help you, help others!

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